Write to Publish Conference

Ooligan’s yearly publishing conference is geared toward providing authors with the tools needed to navigate the world of publishing. My two terms as a member of the Write to Publish team included a wide range of activities, including the following:

  • brainstorming for contest themes, panel and workshop topics, and potential vendors and sponsors
  • letters to potential vendors
  • design of postcards and flyers to promote the conference and the high school essay contest
  • creation of website content including the FAQ (included below) and contest guidelines
  • writing of Twitter and Facebook updates
  • photo editing
  • website design, including research into similar conference websites, wireframe design, and page layout

What I gained most from working on the Write to Publish Conference was an increased ability to function as a member of a team; much of my experience with this project was collaborative, including group brainstorming sessions and translating group ideas into website pages and marketing documents.  While a brainstorming document may seem out of place in a professional portfolio, the ability to generate ideas is a valuable skill that is easily overlooked. During these brainstorming sessions, I learned to more effectively contribute my voice to group discussions.

The website design mock-up was a series of pages created in Indesign to translate the Write to Publish team’s concept for the website to the designer. I was not responsible for the header or the footer, which were a set part of the Ooligan website, and only the main page is featured here.

Website FAQ

Panel Brainstorm Document

Website Homepage


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