Publishing tools for Indie Authors: A Research Essay

The explosion of digital books and the shifting publishing landscape have brought a vast and confusing number of options to authors looking to self publish. This research essay explores the varied publishing services available to authors in 2014. It examines, in particular, five companies who are representative of their respective business models, and evaluates them in terms of cost, services provided, reputation, and other key characteristics. It also includes an extensive list of companies offering services and a list of resources authors can use to find, choose, and evaluate those companies.

My intent with this essay was twofold: first, to examine the business models of current author services with an eye to evaluating what type of business might be a good fit for my skill set, either in terms of employment or entrepreneurship, and second, to provide a starting point for indie authors who are looking to understand what services are available to them.


Publishing Tools for Indie Authors


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