Mock Publishing Company

One of the major components of the Intro to Book Publishing class was to design a mock publishing company. This group project offered experience with all stages of the book publishing process including:

  • writing a mission statement
  • writing submission guidelines
  • creating backlist titles and covers
  • writing query letters for manuscripts
  • evaluating manuscript queries based on company guidelines, mission, and potential sales
  • writing letters of acceptance and rejection
  • researching comp titles
  • book cover design
  • creating profit and loss statements
  • writing marketing plans
  • creating tip sheets

It was a great opportunity for me to work on collaboration skills, as my group had very different ideas about how to proceed. We all had to learn to compromise while making sure that individual contributions to the ongoing conversation were recognized.

Below are two of the documents I created for my group’s mock publishing company. Writing the query letter for the fictional title The Ladybeetle Army gave me a good understanding of what publishers look for in a manuscript and in an author, useful knowledge for anyone looking to help authors get published. The development of a marketing plan for the fictional title The Literate Knitter was a revelation for me in how a publisher thinks about marketing and the potential for a given title.


The Ladybeetle Army Query Letter


The Literate Knitter Marketing Plan


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