Thistle Creek Liqueurs: A Catalogue
Thistle Creek Liqueurs

PDF of Catalogue

The goal of this project was to demonstrate an understanding of the design programs and graphic design concepts acquired over the course of the publishing software class. Creating a holiday catalogue for a fictional handcrafted liqueur company allowed me to work with many different page layouts in the same document, accommodating elements including an invitation, recipes, a menu, and an article on the origin of the dirty martini. Each offered its own technical and design challenges, and allowed me to refine my skills in several programs:

  • Adobe Photoshop was used to edit the photos, including the removal of text on one image and color adjustments on several others. Because the project is image heavy, I gained a good understanding of how to work with image files.
  • The star, holly leaf, and martini glass motifs were created in Adobe Illustrator.
  • The document itself was put together in Adobe Indesign. This was my first experience making extensive use of paragraph styes, and it provided a foundation for understanding how styles in general can be applied and sparked a later interest in CSS.


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