The Wind in The Willows: Book Design

Cover Design

This was my first opportunity to design a book from start to finish, and it was both more challenging and more rewarding than expected. I wanted to design something simple and classic, and The Wind in the Willows was a good choice; I have fond memories of the book from childhood and it was a pleasure to work with the text.

Of the three covers I created for this project, the one shown above was my favorite. The background has a subtle fabric texture that would be enhanced by a textured, matte-finish cover. This was not a print option at Odin Ink, where the book was printed, and my one disappointment was that the shiny finish of the printed copy did not offer the warm, tactile feeling I would have preferred.

It was fascinating to discover how much thought goes into the design of book interiors, and how font choices alone can have a huge impact on the overall feel and tone of the text. One of the challenges I encountered in designing the interior of this particular book was the nonstandard capitalization of many whole words and phrases, which were awkward to read given current conventions (all caps implying the writer is yelling). I mitigated this somewhat by using small caps, hoping to make them less distracting while retaining the unique character and voice of the original text.

Overall I was very happy with the finished book, and will feel confident taking on book design projects in the future.

Printed Copy

WITW text jpeg

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