Brosseau’s Coachworks Christmas Card

Of all design projects completed in the last year, this Photoshop collage was my favorite. I liked the precision of isolating individual elements from their backgrounds and rearranging them in another context. Even more satisfying was the creation of something unique that felt like art in terms of process, but also had a very practical end product: a holiday card that a specialty auto body shop will use to touch base with their regular customers.

This collage project, as well as a couple of personal projects that followed, increased my understanding of image manipulation in Photoshop and opened up a whole new avenue of design for me. I was inspired to begin building a collection of photographs that hold potential as collage material, with an eye to designing more custom cards like this one or creating collages for custom book covers.

The image on the left shows the photos before the selections were made, as well as the background photo used; the image on the right shows the finished card ready to be mailed out.


Collage Start

Collage End

Collage End


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