The PSU publishing program refined and expanded my existing editing skills, and gave me the opportunity to work on diverse texts including nonfiction, poetry, short fiction, and a complete novel. I now feel confident managing developmental edits and copyedits as well as line edits, and am currently editing a novel called “The Thing You Have With Rivers” by S. Warrender. Relevant coursework included Book Editing, Developmental Editing, Copyediting and Ooligan Press Studio.


copyediting • line editing • developmental editing • query letters • style sheets • effective author/editor relationships • style guides


Featured Projects:

The projects below include two examples of developmental edits, a style sheet and query letter for the copyedit of a nonfiction novel, and a lighthearted look at the common sense rules of copyediting.

Developmental Edit

Style Sheet & Queries
for a Full Book Copyedit

Lessons Learned in