The Bellwether

“The Bellwether” is now available to read over at Plasma Frequency. They offer a print version for sale, or you can download a free PDF or Kindle version. Here’s an excerpt:

All night she dreamed of the wether’s bell. The sound threaded in and out of her sleep, sometimes as far away as the barn, sometimes as close as her bedroom window. She dreamed of the flock creeping … creeping … up through the shifting mist, pulling it behind them up the dark drive, smothering the house.

When she woke every window was uniformly padded in white, the barn invisible. She lay in bed, white sheets and striped pajamas, trying to shake off the chill that possessed her, hand and bone. Why hadn’t Oakley choked and coughed as she pulled him down to the barn? That belt had been wrapped tight around his throat.

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